Steven Robinson - Tour Blog #2

Week 2! It's hard to believe we've already made it here. What a ride it has been!

Touring life is surprisingly easy to get used to. My bunk on the tour bus is very comfortable, and I get to hang out with 9 others who have much more experience living this life than I do. These people also have enough tour stories to fill a dozen books, and I've learned so much just from listening to them. Also, there's no feeling quite like waking up in your bunk, walking 50 feet, and immediately seeing the stage that you will be playing on, as well as the insane amount of seats that people will fill.

I have also learned a ton from the musicians we've been playing with. They bring the same energy and passion to the music in each performance, and that is genuinely inspiring. It motivates me more and more every show, and I can see it doing the same to Nathan and Ethan.

I attached a couple of pictures from our Mohegan Sun show - signatures/stamps of The Who and Stevie Nicks. Pretty cool!