Steve Robinson - Tour Blog #1

Hey! My name is Steve Robinson, and I'm set to be the trombone player for John Fogerty's tour this summer. I'm originally from Thousand Oaks, CA and I just graduated from USC. 

I couldn't be happier to be joining the crew on this awesome adventure. John Fogerty’s music with Creedence Clearwater Revival was some of the first music my Dad played for me when I was very young, and, of course, I've been in love with it ever since. I'm honored to be performing these legendary tunes with the man who created them. 

We're in Atlantic City this week for our first show, and I must say, travel day on Tuesday was QUITE interesting. Our flight was 2 hrs. 15 min. late, and we waited about 1 hr. 45 min. for our luggage. I've seen much worse, though, and to be honest, it was kind of nice to have a few moments to myself to take all the craziness in. The craziness including the Rube Goldberg machine in the airport, and the fact that our trumpet player, Ethan, pulled out his keyboard for entertainment (see videos). 

I'm so excited to finally be here, and I can't wait to share more with you. 

- Steve Robinson