Nathan Collins - Tour Blog #3

What a wild ride so far! Since the last tour blog we’ve been moving around a lot. We have done three shows in a row with one off day. Although it’s been hectic, I am really enjoying playing in a lot of very cool places. The music continues to grow and improve as the shows move on. It’s pretty hot down here in the South, something a guy from California is not used to! Other than the heat, everything is going really well. The crowds continue to get more and more responsive as the tour moves along. I think a great thing about living on the bus is getting to talk with all of the crew members and get to know them. I’ve been hanging around a lot with the guitar techs and the drum tech. These guys are really funny and we all get along well. The entire crew is super chill and I enjoy spending time with them on the bus. Our bus driver Scott is a funny guy too, he always has some quick pun to put a smile on our faces after a long day.

We played at this really cool venue in New Braunfels Texas called White Water Amphitheater. The venue was backed up on a small river where people were tubing all day. My mom, aunt, uncle, grandfather and cousins all attended the show! My mom Cyndy flew all the way from San Diego California to see me play, which was such an amazing and rewarding feeling to have her see me play. My grandfather, who lives in texas, had not seen me play live in probably over 9 years, and what better way for him to see me play than with John Fogerty! Right before the show was about to start, Gina pulled my mom from the audience and brought her backstage because John and Julie wanted to meet her. This was an amazing moment for me. The warmth and support they showed my mom by meeting her backstage and giving her backstage passes is not lost on me. The show was amazing! I’m so glad they got to see me play. Seems as if this tour is flying by - but I am enjoying every little part. More to come.