Nathan Collins - Tour Blog #2

So we’ve gotten a couple of shows under our belts since the last tour blog. The first show was great, although everyone was still getting their footing, especially me. I was super nervous about the first solo I play in the set on Rock and Roll Girls. As the shows progressed I got it under my fingers fairly well and John would put my mind at ease every soundcheck by telling me that every night it was getting better. He is such a supportive guy and I really enjoy working with him and feeding off of his energy during the shows! Life on the bus is really great actually. I’m digging hearing stories from everyone about who they’ve worked with and all the crazy stuff they’ve seen while on the road. It’s still a very surreal experience playing sold out arenas and walking off the stage and remembering that I am only 21 years old doing what most every musician wants to do their entire life. Crazy!

Last night, the 30th, we played our fifth show of the tour. That was our second night at Wolf Trap National Park in Vienna Virginia. The venue was amazing. It’s a somewhat older venue made out of all wood with a covered seating and balcony but with an open air lawn, much like PNC Bank Center in New Jersey. These two shows went very well. The crowd went absolutely nuts when John ran out on stage, and that was a great feeling / sight to see. Everyone was up on their feet singing along to every song. That’s the first time during this tour that I’ve felt really connected with the audience. Another highlight of last nights show was that my friend Jesse Munsat came, since he lives in Washington D.C. It was great to see someone from USC at the show and he even got to come backstage to see us when we finished! Two amazing nights at Wolf Trap really boosted my confidence. Everyone on the crew said that we were a little stiff the first three shows but the last show at Wolf Trap, we really stepped up our game and played our asses off. I still get nervous about playing every night, however I have been getting more and more comfortable with being on stage with some really heavy hitters. Last night we added in some choreography on Proud Mary, which went over really well - so I guess we will be doing more of that! Anyways, everything is going super well and I’m having a great time. More stuff to come!


Nathan Collins