Nathan Collins - Tour Blog #1

Hey! This is Nathan Collins, the saxophone player for the John Fogerty band on the Blues and Bayou tour. I’m from San Diego, California where I started playing saxophone in the 3rd grade. I will be a senior at the University of Southern California in the Popular Music Performance program. I am so excited to be apart of this tour with some of Rock and Roll’s most prolific musicians. Just the day before I was asked, Iwas talking to my friends about how I really wanted to be on the road this summer. It seems like everything fell into place.

First day out on the road for the John Fogerty / ZZ Top Blues on the Bayou tour was all smooth sailing until our flight from LAX to Philadelphia got delayed an hour. Once we landed in Philly it took another hour for us to get our bags. We rolled into Atlantic City to the Borgata Hotel, our first venue on the tour. The hotel is amazing! I have never stayed in a resort like this before, and even better - we get our own rooms! I am super excited to play this show on Friday, although I am a bit nervous for it because of the level of musicianship on the stage, not to mention the legend himself, John Fogerty! It all became real to me when Gina, the production manager gave us our “credentials” for the tour. Being on a tour this scale is interesting to watch because of all the moving pieces. We got a huge email that had very detailed instructions on where to be, and what time to be there for everyday of the tour. It’s amazing how detail oriented you have to be to pull off something like this! We start soundchecking and rehearsing for the next two days before our show on Friday. I can’t wait to step out onto that huge stage and play some great music, not to mention get to watch the talented guys from ZZ Top play as well! Anyways, more tour blogs to come. Talk soon.


Nathan Collins