Ethan Chilton - Tour Blog #3

As we head into the fifth week of the tour, I look back on the month I’ve been on the road in disbelief. To date I’ve played with the band for nineteen shows in twelve states for over 140,000 people, and we still have some massive shows ahead of us. 

The summer weather of the last several weeks gave way to some rainy weather in Youngstown, Ohio. Tonight during my solo I tried a brand new “power stance” where I got down on my knees on stage and wailed on the horn! Performing is so much fun, and the crew is always egging me on to improve my stage presence.

My relationships with the crew members have strengthened a lot. They are all at the top of an industry that I want to break into, and, in addition to that, they’re awesome people with kind hearts and fascinating personalities that give me a bounty to learn from. Life on a tour bus has been, if anything, very comfortable compared to frantic college life, but that’s not to say it hasn’t been exhausting! Travel to places like Gilford, New Hampshire (perfect for bikes and blue skies) has certainly transformed the way I think about the world.

I’ll be happy to head home again with new friends and new memories.