Ethan Chilton - Tour Blog #2

What can I say, these past four weeks have been like living a dream. Traveling to new places every day to perform with world-class musicians to a crowd of thousands is an experience I couldn’t possibly describe. Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a try. 

It’s been real hot and humid, but the shows just keep getting better and tighter. As a horn section, we’ve added choreography, assumed some power poses during the song, and grown closer with the rest of the band and crew.  I’ve found a pretty structured daily routine to keep myself busy on the tour bus- I practice meditation, exercise, work on composing my own music, and have even started teaching myself how to write code. The things we’ve learned have made it an experience of a lifetime. 

The last couple of weeks have seen the whole crew get looser and more open, grow closer with one another, and even start a couple of inside jokes. I’ve been given the nickname of Harry Potter (I seem to resemble him a little bit). I had dinner with our drummer Kenny Aronoff today- he is an inspiration, and such a friendly guy. 

Tonight we play Jones Beach in New York and have a day off before heading to New Hampshire. I’m real excited to share more with everyone as the weeks start flying by. Thanks for reading!