John Fogerty’s still rollin’, 50 years on

From by Gary Graff    •    

Rollin’ down the rock ’n’ roll river hasn’t always been smooth for John Fogerty. 

But he keeps on chooglin’ nevertheless. 

A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer as the leader of Creedence Clearwater Revival and a solo artist since 1972, Fogerty is considered one of American rock’s top songwriters, with some tunes -- such as “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising” and “Centerfield” -- that have reach rarified, iconic status. He’s had battles with bandmates and record executives, all detailed in his 2015 memoir “Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music,” but nowadays, 50 years after CCR’s first album, the 73-year-old musician says he’s nothing but happy.

“All that (bad) stuff has just kind of gone down into the sea. I don’t live there anymore,” Fogerty says by phone from Atlantic City. “It was important, I guess, to write a book about it ‘cause that helped me put it in print for the rest of time so I don’t even think about it anymore. If somebody wants to find out about it, they go read rather than ask me.  READ MORE