How Bob Dylan Talked John Fogerty Into Playing CCR Songs Again

From by Martin Kielty  -   

Former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty recalled why he started playing his own songs after a 20-year break following a conversation with Bob Dylan, and accepted that abandoning his catalog had almost certainly harmed his career.

CCR went through an acrimonious split in 1972 after a five-year run, and Fogerty spent more than two decades distancing himself from his former bandmates and the work they’d done together. He broke his self-imposed ban on July 4, 1987, when he performed a series of CCR songs at a benefit concert for Vietnam veterans in Washington, D.C. The performance came two months after an encounter with Dylan. In his book John Fogerty: An American Son, Thomas M. Kitts wrote: “After an impromptu stage appearance on February 19. 1987 with Dylan and George Harrison at a Taj Mahal concert at the Palomino, a Los Angeles club, Dylan told Fogerty: ‘Hey, John, if you don’t do these tunes, the world’s going to remember “Proud Mary” as Tina Turner’s song.” He was referring to the success of Turner's 1971 cover version.  READ MORE.