Former CCR frontman John Fogerty rolls into Jones Beach

From by Jim Farber  •    

His live show will overwhelmingly showcase historic touchstones, but it's still important to him to create new material in the studio.

The quick march of time haunts everyone, but lately it has given John Fogerty special pause. Over a decade has passed since the Creedence Clearwater Revival leader released an album of new material, a lapse that gnaws at him. “How did I let so much time go by?” he asked, just days before his 73rd birthday. “As you get older, time becomes really precious. I can’t waste any more of it.”

Toward that goal, Fogerty has just released a new song, “Holy Grail,” co-written and cut with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, with whom he will be sharing a bill all summer titled the “Blues and Bayou” tour. READ MORE.